The person

Young Dotti.jpg

Yup, that's me in the backseat, ready for an adventure. I don't know where I got my love of traveling. I do know that it wasn't from my parents - the back of that car, driving across the state line into New Hampshire for tax free goods, was the extent of my travels.  These days, if you handed me a plane ticket I'd probably accept it without even knowing where it would bring me.  There is beauty everywhere - or, at the very least, some great photo opportunities and wonderful local cuisine.

I started traveling when I was 18 with a trip to Egypt and Greece. I've since been on over 30 cruises, to Walt Disney World over 55 times, and to Europe every year (sometimes two or three times a year) since 2006.  I started travel advising (officially - not just running off my mouth at parties) fifteen years ago.  I think I can answer most questions, but I'm honest (and humbled) when I can't.  Try me!


The company

As a travel advisor, I'm an independent contractor working with a wonderful company called The Magic for Less. They share my philosophy that my clients always come first.  They take good care of me so that I can take good care of you.  Try us!