Adventures by Dotti

 Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I book with you?

Well... why shouldn’t you? You don’t pay extra for my services, I do all of the tedious work for you, and you get the benefit of my charming personality. I’m a bargain. 😊

I’ve been to many locations around the globe, sailed 30+ times, and have been to the Disney parks over 70 times. I’ve cultivated relationships with wonderful local tour guides (and tried them out for you) and have found amazing restaurants (and tried them out for you).

We often have reduced rates on cruises, and belong to a travel consortium, Travel Leaders Network, that gives you additional hotel perks.

Lastly, I’m working for you before, during, and after your trip. There is peace of mind knowing that, should any problem arise, you have someone a phone call or email away.

What do I give up by booking with a travel consultant?

Headaches. Hours on the phone to make simple trip alterations. Endless searching for the perfect hotel or tour. Time consuming reading of reviews and hotel comparisons (unless you do that for fun!).

You do, however, give up just a little bit of control, and I understand how some folks don’t like that. Once a reservation is made with a travel consultant, any changes to that reservation, or payments, must go through the consultant – that’s it!

What do I gain by booking with a travel consultant?

Whether you book with me or any other qualified travel consultant, you get the expertise of someone who knows the ins and outs of the travel industry. Do you know how much time you should allow when changing planes in London? What rooms on a cruise ship are under a noisy restaurant? What countries you cannot enter with a DUI on your record? What the pros and cons are to each of the 25+ Walt Disney World resort hotels? What tour company will give you the most for your money for your African safari? The best private shore excursions in St. Petersburg? The easiest way to rent bikes in Amsterdam? It’s our job to know!

All cruise lines and tour companies, and most hotels, pay me commission after you travel. Some hotels, and all airlines do not pay commission, but rather than charge you a fee, I help you do the research and pass my findings to you. The commission is built in, so the cost is not higher than if you went directly to the cruise line or tour company, so we both win!

If you don’t charge fees, how do you make money?